About Us


Can you think of a more powerful word? All over the world, being part of a family is what makes the difference between living and merely existing.

Family is about loving, caring, protecting, nurturing. It’s about making our homes safe and happy and beautiful – and our planet too.

At Olivia’s Organics, family is a one-word mission statement. Because it not only says who we are. It says why we do what we do, and who we do it for. It sets our goals and defines our responsibilities to others.

We first embarked on this business 70 years ago when Olivia's great grandfather Giovanni sold celery hearts out of a produce stall in Faneuil Hall. Today, Olivia's Organics continues that tradition by providing only the freshest organic tender leaf lettuces for our salads. Olivia's Organics' salads are the freshest organic salads on the market!

Early on, we learned that one of the first rules of organic farming is to give back to the earth. We practice this our own way by investing in the lives of the children who live in the communities where our salads are sold. Therefore, a percentage of our proceeds go directly to the Olivia's Organics Charitable Foundation. Through the Foundation, we support community-based children's charities in the regions where our products are sold.

We find the more we give, the more we enjoy. And that’s the wonderful part about living the Olivia’s Organics life. It’s great, wholesome fun.

Welcome to Olivia’s Organics.

Eat Healthy! Have Fun! Give Back!