Our Organic Pledge

Olivia's Organics is committed to organic farming, which is why our salads are grown with a concern for the things that you value most - respecting your family's health while conserving the natural resources of our planet.

Olivia's Organics pledges to embrace the following earth-friendly farming methods:

ALL NATURAL - We never bioengineer or genetically modify any of our salads.

PESTICIDE FREE - All of our salads are grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals such as ethylene oxide and methyl bromide.

- We never use synthetic fertilizers to enrich our harvests. In order to naturally increase the fertility of the soil, our organic farmers use a variety of earth friendly methods that include crop-rotation, good quality compost and the addition of natural minerals.

RENEWABLE RESOURCES - Our organic farmers emphasize the use of renewable resources when cultivating their crops. By recycling naturally occurring materials, farmers are also helping to conserve natural resources.

- We never subject any of our salads to ionizing radiation. The use of radioactive materials adds to our total annual exposure and increases the risks to our health and our environment.